LAB Exposure

Video Production

Video has never been more important than it is now. Today, people are exposed to so much new music that a great music video is often the key to standing out.


We direct and produce HD music videos ready to submit to TV – you can see some of our latest videos in our portfolio. Our music videos are in regular circulation on television channels globally, including Channel 4, NME TV, Kerrang! TV, Scuzz and more. Our music videos have been featured on the homepage of YouTube numerous times and have amassed nearly 2,000,000 views online.


As well as music videos, we produce fully edited tour and recording documentaries, as well as filming gigs, interviews, live sessions, viral campaigns, adverts and short films. We are frequent contributors to Rock Sound magazine, producing sessions and documentaries for them on a regular basis.


The LAB team have played in bands and know how expensive music videos can be – because of this, we are committed to producing affordable and professional videos. As such, our rates might not be as high as you think! If you are interested talking about video ideas or concepts, please get in touch!


Kid British – You Against The World


Natives – This Island